Smithwick's Red Irish Ale 6 pack 11.2 oz. Bottle - High Spirits
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Smithwick's Red Irish Ale 6 pack 11.2 oz. Bottle
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Smithwick's Red Irish Ale

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6 pack 11.2 oz. Bottle

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Category Red Ale
Region Ireland
Brand Smithwick's
Alcohol/vol 3.8%
The distinctive Ruby Red colour makes it unmistakably Smithwick's. With a refreshingly balanced taste, this is a blend of mild hops, sweet malt, and roasted barley. The gentle bitterness of the hops is perfectly complemented by the sweet, malty notes. Clean and delicate with a different individual notes. Clear beer with a rich ruby red color and creamy head. Refreshing and clean, with a gentle balance of bitterness from hops, sweetness from ale malts and a hint of coffee from the roasted barley.
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  • ba77

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