Flying Dog Double Dog Double IPA 6 pack 12 oz. Bottle - High Spirits
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Flying Dog Double Dog Double IPA 6 pack 12 oz. Bottle
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Flying Dog Double Dog Double IPA

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6 pack 12 oz. Bottle

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Category American Pale Ale
Region United States, Colorado
Brand Flying Dog
Alcohol/vol 12%
Wild and untamed, Double Dog is a seductively full-bodied brew with huge citrus hops balanced by robust caramel malt sweetness and subtle alcohol warmth.
Beer Advocate
  • ba88

If I were you, I'd consider logging off social media tonight. After all, Double Dog nights can get unpredictable...and the internet is forever. With an ABV over 12%, this wild, untamed Double IPA is seductively full-bodied, with a deep red color and subdued malty sweetness. Dried-fruit aromatics make it an ideal companion to hard cheeses that you'll forget you ate in the morning. As world famous artist Ralph Steadman put it so succinctly, Double Dog is, "For that night. That other goddamn night."

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