Hispaniola Mamajuana Rum Liqueur 750ml - High Spirits
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Hispaniola Mamajuana Rum Liqueur 750ml
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Hispaniola Mamajuana Rum Liqueur


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Category Liqueurs & Cordials
Region Dominican Republic
Brand Hispaniola
Alcohol/vol 37.5%
Hispaniola Mamajuana is an herbal liqueur made from aged rum, honey and a secret combination of over twenty different herbs and spices. It has been a tradition in the Dominican Republic for hundreds of years and is rumored to enhance vitality and have an "uplifting" effect. It is highly versatile and can be enjoyed as a sipper, ice-cold shot, or in a cocktail. Colour: Electric scarlet colour. Palate: Herbal bark, honey, menthol, and pink peppercorn aromas follow through on a supple entry to a fruity-yet-dry medium body with allspice, wintergreen, camphor, ginger, and clove notes in fine balance. Finish: Mildly bitter and astringent fade with sweet mint tea, cherry blossom, and herb notes lingering.

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