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Cardenal Mendoza Nebulis Brandy 700ml
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Cardenal Mendoza Nebulis Brandy


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Category Brandy
Origin Spain, Jerez / Sherry / Manzanilla
Brand Cardenal Mendoza
Alcohol/vol 40%
Proof 80.00
The name comes from the clouds of smoke that form when 250-litre barrels are toasted with the shoots from their vines. These barrels are impregnated with the herbaceous and smoky aroma provided by the vine-shoots. Once the toasting is done, the barrels are filled with 15-year-old Cardenal Mendoza Classic to give it the desired finish (Cask-Finished). The elaboration of Cardenal Mendoza starts with the finest wine holandas, and Nebulis closes the circle by using vine-shoots in its final process. In order to fully preserve the brandy's characteristics, Nebulis has not been cold filtered. The result is astonishing. On the nose, there is a gradual evolution as the initial soft smoky notes gain intensity over time. On the palate, the brandy blends with spicy notes of fresh tobacco and the elegant smokiness of the vine-shoot, inviting you to have another. Enjoying Nebulis in your usual brandy glass is already a unique experience, but when drunk on the rocks, the aromatic and taste sensations are intensified. Nebulis is a limited-production, hand crafted product aimed at lovers of brandies and spirits in general, but above all for those who appreciate smooth and elegant smoky notes in their glass.

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